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Girl's 12-Year-Old Sister Pranked Her Into Oblivion With This Gag 'Welcome Home' Sign

Girl's 12-Year-Old Sister Pranked Her Into Oblivion With This Gag 'Welcome Home' Sign
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Updated 3 months ago

There are few pleasures that are more gratifying than pranking the heck out of a member of your family.

The pride one gets when you see the look of shock that comes from a good gag is second to none.

And because you're related, there aren't many people in the world capable of pranking a family member better than you can. You know their deepest, darkest secrets so you can get them on a real personal level.

But you also know that no matter how far you go, at the end of the day you're family and although you might annoy them royally, there's a good chance they're going to forgive you. Which is probably what this Twitter user's 12-year-old sister was banking on when she crafted this "welcome back" sign for her sister when she returned from a school trip.

No, the school trip wasn't to a rehab clinic, her younger sister is just that evil. Imagine walking through the airport and seeing photos of you with your name, in front of all your friends, congratulating you on getting through rehab.

Now if a gag like this was pulled back in the days before the internet and social media, you'd think to yourself, hey, no harm, no foul, no big deal. It would begin and end in that airport and maybe live on at family dinners and holidays throughout the years. 

But that wasn't the case for Poor Alexa.

Some people couldn't bear the thought of ever being pranked like that.

While others loved the prank.

There were a lot of commenters on the thread, however, who didn't think that addiction was a laughing matter.

But then, plenty of recovering addicts chimed in, saying that they found the sign hilarious.

In fact, the post had those affected by substance abuse start a conversation about normalizing the topic of addiction and addressing it in such a healthy and open manner.

The argument was that the more people talked about it, the easier it would be to address it. So crying "shame" against those making a joke was, to them, counterproductive.

The harmless prank from Alexa's sister that went viral ended up taking a sensitive topic and starting a constructive conversation on it.

So in a way, pranks could help make the world a better place.

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