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This Tinder Match Did A Bait And Switch That's Really Frustrating Some Ladies

This Tinder Match Did A Bait And Switch That's Really Frustrating Some Ladies
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3 months ago

Dating is rough, and it doesn't feel like apps actually make it any better. There's so many people to flip through. Then, if you do match, you have to figure out if you want the same things. Mashable reports that there's a guy somewhere in Florida making it even more complicated for everybody.

Twitter user Lyra at Florida State University matched with someone she assumed was a football player looking for a date. He asked her if she wanted to play, and she responded, "Football?" He told her to check the bio.

When Lyra looked, she saw a man with a very particular set of interests. No, she would never get the *eggplant emoji,* but she could play him on Words With Friends. Scrabble is almost as good as sex, you know.

Since when has Tinder been so wholesome? And you can even win a meal at Chipotle, which is more than most apps offer.

Still, I dunno how I feel about this. Dating apps are for hook-ups and eternal love. Words With Friends is for words and friends. This seems like a violation of the app agreement.

However, I am in the minority on this issue. Most people are very, very into this dude:

And it's for real, according to some other girls who have matched up with the same guy and are even playing him as promised:

He doesn't seem that good for someone promising Chipotle?

Oddly enough, the bait-and-switch for most girls is usually logging on to play Words With Friends and getting hit on by randos:

And honestly, people are not charmed by it there:

Yo! NO! Back off. We have apps for different things for a reason. Including Seamless, for when you really want to order Chipotle, which I now do.

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