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People Can't Seem To Figure Out This Triangle Puzzle On Twitter



I was never really good at math in school. But, thanks to some extra tutoring and endless work packets, I got a hold of how to compute with fractions and percentages.

Then, outta nowhere, algebra was dropped on my head and I struggled to understand whatever the heck that was. To my understanding, math was for numbers and English was for letters and sentences, why the heck were they combining them now? And before I could even get a grasp on algebra, then geometry comes into play and we're measuring shapes.

Freaking shapes and numbers? WHAT?!

Any of my progress in math was pretty much halted once I hit the eigth grade and I never worked hard enough to improve and I blame geometry and all types of triangles for doing that.

So you can only imagine my "excitement" when I saw this triangle puzzle on Twitter posted by journalist Jitesh Pillai.ย 

People had their guesses.

Some went with pretty low numbers.

I mean, even my geometry-deficient-self saw a double-digit number.

And then there were other people who seemed to be pulling triangles out of nowhere.

People were getting fed up.

Probably because they were realizing just how awful at math they were.

Do you think you've got the right answer by now? If not, take a look at the puzzle one more time.

Source: twitter

Do you give up? Well, here it is, in case you were wondering or wanted to confirm your triangle counting skills.

If you're not convinced, here's the breakdown that explains how you're wrong.

Because there are triangles within triangles.

While this is kinda cool, I still hate geometry.

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