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This Artist Has Mastered The Art Of 3D-Drawings



It doesn't take much for an artist to impress me with their drawings, mostly because the extent of my artistic abilities begin and end with stick figures.

I can also do an awesome flaming skull head.

Source: mustafa gatollari's amazing artistic skills in MS paint

But even though I'm easily amazed by awesome drawings, I can still recognize impressive technical work when I see it.

And Japanese artist @miya_drawing uploaded some of their creations on Twitter that are truly mind-blowing.

So mind-blowing you'll start to wonder whether or not they're drawings or actual three dimensional objects.

I know, I know. You think this is an actual soda bottle just crumpled up, but the artist chronicled their progress of the pic and broke down just how they were able to draw it so perfectly.

It starts off as a carefully measured process.

But you get to see it take shape.

The cut is what makes it.

This piece of cake would totally fake me out too.

Which also got the breakdown treatment. Funnily enough, they started with the cherry.

Then colored that beautiful gooey-ness in.

Looks 3D, but it's not.

What adds even more realism to this Rubik's cube drawing is that it's unsolved.

Look at that! Perfection.

Their completed sketching of a CD makes it difficult to differentiate between art and actuality.

Watching this time lapse of the finished product is incredible.

If you're wondering why the artist always elects to draw crushed beverage containers, it's probably to show off their skill. To get that kind of depth and detail down is, in the words of Christopher Walken, WOW.

I know how real this drawing is because when I saw it my feet immediately freaked out.

Man, I need to up my stick figure game.

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