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This College Student's Insult To His Tinder Match Is All Types Of Infuriating



Dealing with rejection is tough and it's easy to get very defensive whenever someone turns you down. Unfortunately I grew up with a lot of guys who were treated like little princes by their moms and dads.

Fast forward to college and here they are, thinking their whole life that they're special and everything they do is awesome.

And then they try talking to a girl. 

The look on their faces when they were confronted with the fact that maybe they're not so charming or handsome or witty or amazing was priceless.

They all initially shared the same reaction: blame. The other person was wrong, people suck, everything sucks, everything...but them. The worst of these dudes would get nasty and start obsessing over how much they hated the girl who dared not to give them the light of day. It was crazy to witness.

And now, add the immediacy of online dating with a sprinkle of impersonal text communication, and you have a perfect storm of ego-maniacal people who are utterly lacking in self-awareness.

Which unfortunately, sometimes, results in disgusting and racist comments like these below.

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Nick matched with a woman on Tinder and things were off to a decent start, until she questioned why he handed out his home address to a complete stranger.

Nick didn't see anything wrong with it, because of his height and gym membership and when she didn't respond to his messages in a time frame that pleased him, he resorted to insulting her using a Chinese racial slur and the see-you-next-Tuesday word.

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Don't you just love it when a guy gets rejected then decides that the woman he was just romantically interested in is all of a sudden ugly?

She screencapped his photos along with a snapshot of his profile. I mean, the dude is super handsome, just look at him. Plus he knows how to drive a stick shift, he has a dog, and he works out, sounds like a winner, right? Shame his personality is utter trash.

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Once Tinder caught wind of Nick's behavior on their platform, they banned him forever and sent him a message encouraging that he change for the better. They posted it on their Tinder blog "in honor of National pig Day", amazing, right?

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Apparently Nick Vedovi was a repeat offender and after word got out, other women screencapped their conversations with Nick and reported his sexist and abusive behavior.

Sadly, Nick isn't the only handsome racist dude decided to let his gross opinions fly on the dating platform when chatting with a member of the opposite sex.

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Conner Howell, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student messaged a black woman he matched with on campus. When she responded with a "hey there" he immediately negged her, calling her "gross looking."

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Now it might've been a tactic he picked up from the genius red-pillers on Reddit, and it ultimately backfired. If that's the case, cut your losses and end the conversation, or admit that you thought negging might work and you realize it was a dumb thing to do and move on.

But Conner, despite messaging her first, decided to get insanely racist and demeaning.

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Because she politely disagreed with him and told him his opinion was wrong, Conner thought the above was an appropriate response.

Unfortunately for Conner, screenshots are forever. So that means Smar was able to save their entire conversation, including its-oh-my-god-it-gets-worse conclusion.

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Smar's friend found her screenshots and then emailed the administration at Virginia Tech University alerting them of Conner's behavior.

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A relative of Conner's was even contacted, letting them know that this is how a member of their family treats women of color.

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Once Conner learned of the screencapped tweets, and was probably feeling the fire from the school administration, he scrambled to beg Smar to have her friend to delete the tweet and offered up an apology.

But judging from the language in his texts, it's kind of difficult to believe he's being sincere.

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He just keeps mentioning that he thinks his future will be "ruined."

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And even if for a second you find yourself thinking that maybe, just maybe he is being real in these texts...

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...know that this isn't the first time Conner's treated black women like garbage on Tinder.

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As of now, it's unclear what action Virginia Tech will take with regards to Howell. But it doesn't look good for the 20-year-old college student, because he's known on Google as the "Virginia Tech Racist."

As it turns out, people from his hometown have some stories about the irreverence of Conner Howell and how one time, he got beat so badly for it, he peed himself. One Redditor shared the story about the young man making a racist remark about his friend's girlfriend.

My friend literally beat the piss out of Connor Howell and it was one of the greatest things to happen in high school.
I’m from the town next to his hometown , Oakton,VA. Connor has a fucking MOUTH on him like you wouldn’t believe. I’m not even talking about cursing, I’m talking about verbally abusing girls not directly involved in his clique for absolutely no reason. This kid was simply NOTORIOUS for being a scrawny shit-talker. He knew that several of his good friends were physical beasts (all-state football players) so no one in his school would say anything to him.
New Year’s Eve 2011 was the first time I met him in person while we were in 11th grade at a large house party in NOVA. I went with several of my friends who happened to also be my teammates for basketball and lacrosse. One of my buddies was dating an ethnically Persian girl at the time who accompanied us to the party.
We walk through the door, meet and greet the owners and proceed to the kitchen to enjoy ourselves. Connor is the typical party douchebag, laughing over-enthusiastically to cover for his condescending remarks. Things were actually going decent for a while. We were all moderately aware about his reputation so we were slightly on edge but we’re having a good time until he asked if my buddy’s girlfriend if she flew in on a magic carpet.
It was over in less than 10 seconds. My buddy was 6’2 and must have been weighing 210 lbs. at the time. I don’t think Connor has ever been over 165 lbs in life. My friend hit Connor with a nasty hook so hard that his skull dented the drywall. My buddy then picked both his legs up and pile drives him into the hardwood floors with immediate quickness before delivering at least 3 blows to Connors head that bounced his head off the ground. At this point everyone in the party was looking. He lied there unconscious and began to piss himself while wearing dark grey pants. Kid must’ve had like 20 beers beforehand because there was piss everywhere.
My buddy and his girl leave while the rest of us stayed to see the results. Needless to say, his clique were all running there mouths in similar fashion as Conner. We leave, laugh about it and generally have a good time the rest of the night.
TL;DR: I personally know Connor Howell from highshcool. He is genuinely a terrible person with little to no remorse for his actions. In 2011, my friend punched Connor so hard in the mouth that he pissed himself in front of dozens of people.

As with any story on the internet, take this one with a grain of salt. It is nice to know that people who are jerks get their comeuppances, whether it's being kick out of school, or being beaten so badly they urinate all over themselves.

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