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Source: twitter

This College Student's Insult To His Tinder Match Is All Types Of Infuriating


Dealing with rejection is tough and it's easy to get very defensive whenever someone turns you down. Unfortunately I grew up with a lot of guys who were treated like little princes by their moms and dads.

Fast forward to college and here they are, thinking their whole life that they're special and everything they do is awesome.

And then they try talking to a girl. 

The look on their faces when they were confronted with the fact that maybe they're not so charming or handsome or witty or amazing was priceless.

They all initially shared the same reaction: blame. The other person was wrong, people suck, everything sucks, everything...but them. The worst of these dudes would get nasty and start obsessing over how much they hated the girl who dared not to give them the light of day. It was crazy to witness.