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Source: Instagram

This Dad Got People To Share What Happened To Them After They 'Got Toddlered'


Having kids changes everything. And while some new parents are in denial about this in the beginning, it will only take a few days before they realize they too will be posting hundreds of photos of their baby a day on Instagram despite being adamant they will never be that parent. And if they just needs a reminder of how much fun they used to have before deciding to start a family, all they have to scroll down their feed and relive their best non-kid moments. And one blogger is making it easier to see the effect children have on their once cool parents with a now viral hashtag. 

Enter Mike Julianelle — a papa with a platform on his popular parenting blog Dad and Buried, according to Bored Panda. Mike also runs a popular Instagram account called GotToddlered, where parents share the moments they used to think were picture worthy, versus what kind of pics they take now that children have entered their lives. These side-by-side photos are the visual representation of the big shift every one warns you about:

Suddenly, her friends are nowhere to be found. HOW CONVENIENT.

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But a fun one. You might be familiar with the transition yourself, if you're a parent.

Hot selfies are over: