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Kanye West Suggests Slavery Was 'A Choice' Made By Black People

By Mustafa Gatollari

Random question, if given the option to be treated like dirt, forced to do manual labor, have your identity stripped away, your children ripped away from you and sold on a market, live in shackles and chains, be bred like livestock, and the only form of compensation you'll ever receive is maybe a shanty quarters to live in and some food that's only a little better than what's served to pigs, would you pick that option?

Because Kanye West, a man known for saying/doing outlandish and ridiculous things says he believes Africans chose to stay slaves after being chained and shipped from their native homeland and brought to America. And he did it right on TMZ in a live interview (starts at 1:14 mark, which I've got placed right for you below).