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Everyone Is Crying Over This Story Of A Dad Saving Pocket Change For His Daughter


Morgan Porterfield is a young woman who will soon be heading out to college and leaving her parents house. She and her siblings have been supported by their, dad Jim, who was laid off last year. In 1981, Jim was injured in a serious car accident on his way to work, when he was struck by a drunk driver, according to a post from Porterfield in Love Matters. His rehabilitation took a long time, and though the railroad worked with him to find a place at the company, he was left with a number of physical and mental disabilities after his recovery, and was often in pain.

Porterfield tweeted photos about her dad that went quickly viral, sharing that he is struggling with his handicaps since he's been let go from his job. She had noticed he was saving pocket change, and wasn't sure why. Then he handed his collection over to her with a note: