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Source: Facebook

This Dad Made An Important Point About Filthy Men's Rooms


Parents have a lot to juggle. One of their responsibilities is attending to their infant and toddlers bodily needs. It seems like changing someone's diaper should be enough of a responsibility to get you out of doing anything else, but there's actually often quite a bit more of work involved! Still, let's make the diaper changing part as easy as possible, right? Not quite.

Charles Mau is a 33-year-old with one son and three daughters. The youngest of his kids if 8-month-old Kali. As you can imagine, Mau has been around the block when it comes to childcare. In recent Facebook post, Mau expounded on an incredibly common problem faced by dads in restrooms all over, even at places that are supposedly family friend. 

Mau needed to change Kali's diaper, and he took it for granted that the restaurant he was in would make that possible.