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This Mom Created A Controversial 'Juvenile Center' For Her Daughter To Curb Bad Behavior


Disciplining your children is never easy. I've got two kids and my toddler has a penchant for tantrums. So giving him a time-out, or taking away his toys when he refuses to eat his food or not put on his clothes, or making him help clean up the mess he made  while he's screaming and crying isn't exactly my idea of a fun day.

However, I have noticed that it's ultimately been for his benefit. He's more respectful of other kids. He doesn't act out when we're at other people's houses and when he does, usually a look from mom and dad is enough to stop him from pursuing any crumby behavior.

As human beings though, we're impressionable. We're going to get influenced by the people we hang out with, the movies we see, the stories we read, both the bad and the good. We just need to be lucky enough to identify when that behavior isn't going to ultimately be healthy for us and for a lot of kids, understanding parents or other close family members and friends can help us see that.