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Source: getty

These Are Some Of The Craziest Things To Ever Happen To Theme Park Guests


There's nothing that says summer like a trip to a theme park on a muggy day. The late start, the journey for parking, the overpriced concessions, the person who gets mild heat stroke while waiting on line for the new rollercoaster that was just built, only to have it be closed down for "maintenance" right before it's your turn to get on.

OK, so that's a bit of a depressing picture, and aside from all of those annoying things, sliding down a huge water-ride or enjoying a carvinal at night with your closest friends and loved ones is the kind of stuff that summer magic is all about.

Seeing as how all the fun from theme parks come from a sense of controlled chaos, there's, of course, going to be an infinite capacity for drama and things to go wrong. Terribly wrong in some cases.