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Source: twitter

Church Hires Local Art Teacher To Restore Priceless Art, Immediately Regrets It


Art restoration is a surprisingly entertaining field, even if you're not much of an art buff. That's me. Whenever someone starts talking about the "classics," I think they're referring to the original Robocop and Predator movies. To me, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael are famous artists second and crime-fighting anthropomorphic turtles first.

But I still love me a good art restoration story. Just look at this art dealer delicately removing varnish from an old painting. It's super satisfying to watch, even to a boorish non-appreciator of art such as myself, and it's nice to see the artistic accomplishments of humans from hundreds of years ago preserved for future generations to enjoy.

That's probably why it's so appalling, and morbidly funny, when someone ruins an old piece of art in a pitiful attempt to restore it. Like at the Church of San Miguel de Estella in Navarre, Spain.