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This Dad Supporting His Teen's Makeup Tutorial Dream Will Make You Cry

This Dad Supporting His Teen's Makeup Tutorial Dream Will Make You Cry
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2 weeks ago

It's close to the end of June, otherwise known as Pride month, otherwise known as the most magical time of the year. This is the month that everyone comes out with their most glittering beautiful best and celebrates being a part of the LGBTQIA community. It's wonderful to see people taking pride in their identity, and I spend a good portion of every June crying over people's coming out stories and feeling FOMO over every party I miss.

But this year, a teen named Andrew Edgerton has won Pride and all my tears. This story has everything: a confident kid, a loving parent, and hot looks. Edgerton is a YouTuber who does makeup tutorials. He lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, with his dad Glenn.

Edgerton was making a tutorial for Pride month and filming himself blending eyeshadow, when his dad noticed his amazing technique. Edgerton shared a clip of his dad complimenting his work on Twitter and it blew up, because, well, watch it:

Edgerton wrote that he was crying over how sweet and supportive his dad is, but my favorite part of the video might be when he reminds his dad he is filming himself sooooo...don't interrupt? Such a teen, so perfect.

Everyone is losing it over how sweet this interaction is:

This story gets even cuter.

After his tweet went viral, Edgerton showed it to his father, who wasn't that interested in the stats. When asked why, he replied that all he cared about what his son, not social media clout.

Help, I'm crying! Edgerton eventually posted the full look on YouTube, but he really needs to give me a tutorial for what to do about these puffy eyes.

If you want to do more open weeping over supportive parents, I've got them.

How about this mom who flew in her daughter's girlfriend as a surprise for Pride:

How about this grandma ironing her granddaughter's bisexual Pride flag? I'm sobbing.

How about this conservative dad who wouldn't let his daughter go to a Pride celebration—without jewelry.

This old dad who proves it's never too late to learn to accept people for who they are:

Parents with Pride for their LGBTQIA kids are almost as good as the floats:

I'm already excited about next year, and I've got some great inspo for my palette, thanks to Andrew Edgerton and his dad:

Happy Pride!

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