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Source: Pexels

Don't Get Scammed by Uber Over False Vomit Accusations

By Aimee Lutkin

In general, I'd suspect that being an Uber driver is much worse than being an Uber passenger, but this new story about the ride-share company illustrates that it's a potential horror show for everyone. The Miami Herald is reporting that there's a new scam associated with Uber. Prepare yourself to be grossed out.

It's called vomit fraud. The only good thing about that combination of words is that at least the vomit is fake.

According to the Miami Herald, Uber drivers can add a fee of $80 to $150 for cleanup. Like, if they had to clean up your puke, because you called an Uber after a night out on the town and didn't quite make it home before that fun night caught up with you. This is definitely a thing that really happens, and drivers should be compensated for the horror of dealing with it.