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Source: Facebook

Mom Nags Husband About Car Seat and Ends up Saving Their Son's Life

By Pippa Raga

Getting your child a car seat doesn’t guarantee they’re going to have a safe ride. You also have to know how to position the seat and fasten your child in safely, too. It sounds obvious now, but you know what they say — common sense isn’t always that common.

That’s something Rebecca Tafaro Boyer learned a couple of weeks ago when her husband and baby went out for a ride. She never could have predicted that a nagging text she sent her husband would end up saving their little boy William’s life.

Rebecca shared her moving cautionary tale on Facebook, proving that parents can never be too cautious. She begins:

Friends, let’s have a quick chat about something that some of my family members think makes me a super annoying overprotective mom — car seat safety.