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Source: istock

Mom's Heartbreaking Facebook Post Shows The Dangers Of Infants Sleeping In Adult Beds

By Mustafa Gatollari

As any parent will tell you, especially a first-time one, it's very easy to become overbearing and overly worried about an infant's health in their first few months on this planet. My son's a toddler and I still find myself constantly checking his vital signs to make sure that they're normal.

But those first couple of weeks, you're a madman Googling any and every type of illness that could befall your child. I preemptively knew how to spot an infant's flu or whether they showed signs of RSV. My wife and I would wake up in the middle of the night to check his breathing, because of the SIDS horror stories we'd heard.

Although it's nerve-wracking to think about, many illnesses and injuries that befall infants and kids happen from seemingly innocuous occurrences. Like who would ever think going down a slide with your baby could do something like this? Look closely at the little girl's poor foot. :(