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Hilarious Memes for Every Parent Dealing With Their Kids Going Back to School

By Gabrielle Bernardini

As summer comes to an end and you kiss the beach goodbye, parents and kids alike have one thing on their mind: back to school. Yes, September is around the corner and the shopping, crowds, and childish tantrums are about to begin. Therefore, we have rounded up a few hilarious memes that every parent will definitely relate to.

Are you excited that you will finally not have to entertain your kids seven days a week? Well, we have a meme for you. Do the back to school shopping crowds have you going mad? Don't rip your hair out just yet; we've got you covered. 

We know it can be a little (maybe?) sad to send your kids off to another year of growing up, but we bet these memes will help lighten the mood. Check out the list below: