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Check Out These Hilarious Millennial Memes Teachers Are Using for Back-to-School


Millennials. The generation that was raised with the power of the internet, and technology at their fingertips. With back-to-school upon us, teachers are trying to connect with their younger pupils on a level in which they will understand. Therefore, using memes in a classroom setting for back-to-school has become the latest fad.   

Yes, teachers are now using memes to get their students more interested in learning. The usually funny and relatable internet pictures are definitely one way to get your students to pay attention. No more boring bulletin boards that just say "back-to-school." Instead, teachers are using their creativity, and everyone's obsession with Drake's "In My Feelings" Challenge, to get students excited about learning.  

With Drake and Cardi B memes being very popular in 2018, it's only fitting that we see a lot of young teachers using the two rap sensations in their classrooms. So, we rounded up a few hilarious examples of teachers using meme's for back-t0-school. Check out our list below:  

Drake wants to know: "Kiki are you reading? Are you writing?"

Source: Twitter

There is nothing better than a Drake and Cardi B collab!