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Nickelodeon's 'Netflix' Will Stream All Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons



If you were a kid in who was lucky enough to grow up with cable TV in your household, then you were blessed with the privilege of having a little channel called Nickelodeon.

And on Nickelodeon were a few original shows that were exclusive to the network, you might remember them by their proper moniker: Nicktoons. They were amazing.

Nicktoons dominated for a long time and brought us some real gems that weren't just restricted to the '90s (some are still growing strong): we're talking about bangers like Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold!, Angry Beavers, Spongebob Squarepants, I mean the list goes on and on.

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Now obviously everything was more magical when you were a child, which is probably why we're so collectively obsessed with nostalgia. There are plenty of experts who have written about the subject, but I'd bet my bottom dollar it has everything to do with the boundless enthusiasm we had when we were children and our stubbornness to try and have fun no matter what the cost. Most adults just feel like sleeping, remember when that once your most avowed enemy? What happened to that?

Well if you're hankering for the days of your youth and can't invent a time machine or device that makes you an enthusiastic young whippersnapper again (I mean you could always do this), you could just binge-watch the cartoons that made you happy on a Saturday morning as you were splayed out on the floor with a huge bowl of cereal in front of you.

That's because streaming platform VRV is hosting virtually every single show from Nickelodeon's lineup in the '90s. And no, it's not just restricted to the cartoons we all remember, but gameshows as well.

A spokesperson for VRV said that they will be offering full seasons of some 30 titles in total, but as of now, here are the shows that we know they're offering for sure:

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters

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Remember the four-footed stiletto creep from this show? Yeah, that's right, the monsters are going to be on the platform. Hope you enjoy umbrella-looking beasts with British accents and tons of armpit hair.

All That

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Yes, it was a "baby SNL," a sketch comedy show for kids featuring kids. I kind of missed the boat on this one because I was already watching Saturday Night Live by the time this hit the air, but I know there are tons of people who'd love to binge-watch this bad boy.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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I don't know why kids are so obsessed with being able to watch scary movies or spooky TV shows. I think it's a combination of "proving" you're an adult with the simultaneous subconscious knowledge that we need to overcome our fears and discomforts in order to truly live our best lives. But anyway, I remember being way too afraid to watch the werewolf episode of this show and I haven't seen it since.


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One of the best parts of watching this show as a kid was wondering just how they pooped. Seriously, how does their intestinal tract actually work? Do they take turns being the butt hole on certain days? Does it secrete from their skin? And if they do poop, won't dog just eat it up again? So many questions.

Clarissa Explains it All

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I would primarily watch this show for two reasons. The first was the hope that Clarissa's dad would go full-out Eastern European father on Ferguson and beat his little punk-butt once and for all. The second was whether or not the editing team would mess up and not play that guitar-strumming sound whenever Sam would climb into his room via ladder.


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All right, he dressed like a total nerd and I'd much rather hang out with his older sister any day of the week, but there's a Doug Funnie inside everyone I think, which is probably why this insecure, green-vest rocking, huge-nosed kid holds a special place in every '90s kid's heart.

Kenan & Kel

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I was never really a big fan of Nickelodeon's live action shows, but I did love the chemistry between Keenan and Kel. Legend has it that people are still using "I put the screw in the tuna!" as their yearbook quotes through this very day.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

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The best part of this show was swearing to your siblings up and down that if you were ever in the competition, you'd kick one of those bad guys in the groin if they ever tried trapping you.

Rocko's Modern Life

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This show was definitely packed with a bunch of jokes that flew way over your head when you were a kid, which is why it's the perfect series to binge-watch as an adult!

The Angry Beavers

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This one was my personal favorite as a kid, I mean the bachelor pad that they lived in was super awesome and always packed some surprise feature that would conveniently materialize out of nowhere for certain episodes. Speaking of the episodes, the best one was the horror movie night. So good.

The Wild Thornberrys

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Aside from the fact that I lowkey had a crush on Debbie growing up, The Wild Thornberrys had the best premise ever. I mean, which kid wouldn't want to talk to animals? It's genius.

So which one of these classic shows are you looking forward to stream on your next Saturday morning? Forget the errands and reach for the Frosted Flakes after plopping down in front of the TV.

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