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Source: istock/getty/distractify

Parents: Here's How Not to Drop Your Kid off for College This Year

By Pippa Raga

I'm never going to forget my college move-in day. It's funny, because it didn't seem very memorable in the moment — but thinking back on it 10 years later, I really feel like I remember every second of that morning many Septembers back. And what dates the memory so much is the image of the chunky Blackberry Curve I carried around all semester in a squishy orange case.

I wasn't the luckiest girl in college when I received my room assignment. I spent my whole first year sharing a small "two-bedroom" (one of them didn't have a door) railroad-ish construction with three other girls. I'd been told by upperclassmen that rooming with friends was ill-advised, as these pairings often ruined the functional platonic relationships, so I went into the lottery at random.