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Source: istock

People Reveal Their Favorite Childhood Memories Which May or May Not Be Real


Everyone has that one favorite childhood memory they love sharing — even if there is a small chance it never happened.

The accuracy of childhood memories has long been debated, with studies proving that the brain is likely to fill in the gaps when it comes to events that happened so long ago. However, despite the proof that those treasured memories from your adolescent might not be 100 percent true, there is no convincing some people that they took place. 

On reddit, users shared their weirdest childhood memories that their family and friends claimed never happened — and it's a real mindf--k. How can something you remember so vividly just be a figment of your imagination? How? 

Keep reading for some childhood memories we believe took place, no matter what anyone says. 

1. The 3-year-old wedding crasher.

Source: istock
"My brother managed to get his head stuck in the scrollwork of an iron/wood banister at a hotel, and in the ensuing panic I wandered off to this wonderful place where there was a table full of cookies and candy. As I'm eating the cookies and the candy and whatever I can find, some really angry adult yells at me, picks me up, and carries me out of this amazing room filled with sweets.
"I was about 3 or 4 years old. I think I crashed a wedding or a bar mitzvah's dessert table while my brother was being extracted from the banister. It was amazing — my parents claim it never happened."