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Source: iStock/Twitter/Distractify

Taco Bell Was Named America's Best Mexican Restaurant and People Are Very Confused


It's an absurd headline that could only exist in 2018: Taco Bell Voted Best Mexican Restaurant in the Country. Now listen, we all know it's an undisputed fact that Taco Bell is better than Chipotle in every single way. OK, maybe in not every single way. Chipotle does have the upper hand in interior design.

They also have the upper hand in bag design and their chips are admittedly tastier. But let's not forget that Chipotle also beats out T. Bell in E. coli outbreaks, not to mention that it's way more expensive despite their offers of wacker, less adventurous versions of the same food.

Sure, it's cooler to Instagram your Chipotle meals and for a while it became a hip place to eat at for whatever reason, but Taco Bell's undeniably more delicious, cheaper, and believe it or not, healthier for you (depending on how much of it you're eating).