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Source: facebook

One Girl's Picture Day Fail Made for This Year's Best Class Photos


Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of class photos that are so absolutely priceless, they make us wish we hadn't already graduated college. As fall rolls in and students everywhere are adapting to new schedules and getting their grasp on more homework and papers to write, it's becoming every parent's favorite time of the year: picture day.

I distinctly remember picture day growing up. It wasn't as fun as it might have been for my non-uniformed peers who got to wear their favorite outfits and immortalize their youthful sense of fashion with academic backdrops of chalkboards and children's books. But believe me when I say that the year I rocked braces and glasses was priceless enough, both for my memory all these years later and for my parents who received proofs of my ugly duckling "phase" in the mail.

And while I just shudder to think of those photos and whether my family even purchased any that year, other students are delighting the world — or at least, the internet — with their creative, hilarious, and inspiring attempts at picture day.

Addison's class photos went viral when her mom, Laura Pyle, posted about them on Facebook.