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People Are Roasting a Social Media Star for Charging Insane Prices to Attend Her Birthday


If there's one thing I'll never understand, nor ever hope to understand, is expensive bottle and table service in ridiculously overpriced nightclubs. I really can't for the life of me wrap my head around the appeal unless you're trying to impress a bunch of strangers and feel cool.

You can't hold a conversation with anybody because the music's too loud. The $500 you're dropping on a single bottle of $32 liquor, along with maybe $10 in chasers is beyond exorbitant, and the place is always super crowded. I could understand if someone was giving you and a friend a massage or some like, acupuncture while you're sipping on a Henny and Red Bull, but, they're not. You're paying to occupy someone else's "space" for a little bit of time.

And since the primary export of Instagram is image, it makes perfect sense for an influencer to hold their birthday in a nightclub. Which is exactly what South African Instagram influencer Nadia Jaftha signed up for.