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Source: istock

Guy Obsessed with Motivational Speaker Can't Understand Why His Girlfriend Left Him

By Mustafa Gatollari

Being obsessed with anyone or anything is always a relationship red flag. But the thing about an obsession is that usually the person who's doing the obsessing is the primary resident of Denialsville.

So although everyone around them can see the obsession, they're usually the last one to notice that they may have a problem, or maybe they never notice it before it's too, too late. When that happens, a normal person would just cut their losses and work on making themselves better.

Or they could double-down on the denial and then turn to strangers for help and advice in a subconscious attempt to justify their obsession in order to come out as the blameless one. Which is exactly what happened with this dude when he posted to the Jordan Peterson subreddit for some relationship advice.