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Source: istock

5 Times Tourists Were the Absolute Worst

By Mustafa Gatollari

When visiting a foreign country, it's important to remember you're basically a guest in someone else's environment with a different culture and a distinct set of rules. You're there to spend some of your tourist dollars and, in exchange for being respectful and well-behaved, you'll be shown a good time.

But, since human beings are objectively the worst animals in the world, they usually have no idea how to act when it comes to these visits. I'm not talking about making innocent mistakes, like offering a handshake to a woman in hijab, or declining an Albanian's offer for coffee or a shot of raqi.

I'm talking about going into another place and making a complete and total ass of yourself by belligerently deciding to disrespect the country and its people during your visit — something I idiotically did when I tried scaling a pyramid at Giza. I was I could say I was young and stupid at the time. Thankfully, my boy Khamis was there to bail me out of trouble. (not my picture below)