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9 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the People in Your Life Who Have Absolutely Everything


If your pockets aren't as deep as the people on your Christmas list's, believe my when I say I feel your pain. Coming from a family of successful lawyers was fun as a kid, but now that I'm a grown-up on a humble writer's salary, it's definitely harder to shower my family with presents they'll enjoy around the holiday season.

But because I'm an expert gift-giver, I don't let budgets or finances stop me. Plus, I've learned through the years that money doesn't buy the best Christmas presents — but thoughtfulness definitely does.

Below, 9 gifts that won't break your bank for the people you know who can afford everything they need. 

1. Create a Gift Basket with Your Local Faves

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If you live in a different city than the rest of your family, local snacks, beer, wine, honey, or cookies that they can't get at their local chain grocery store make for a very thoughtful holiday package that doesn't cost a lot of money.

Plus, anyone who's ever been with their families around the holidays know that every snack lying around the house will, without a doubt, get consumed. Buy some local specialties next time you're out at the store and make a basket out of them.

As one person on reddit shares, "I hit two or three Christmas bazaars and put together a package to send my brother and sister-in-law, who live hundreds of miles away. Preserves, gadgets, jewelry, home-made soaps, all sorts of handmade stuff they wouldn't find anywhere around their little town. My [brother] reports that my little pile of whatnots really helps add to their few gifts to each other under the tree."