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Source: CBS

This "Secret Sister" Scam Is One of Many Tricks Thieves Will Pull This Christmas


You might've received an email or message on a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram about a Secret Sister gift exchange.

Normally, you ignore all messages like that online, but maybe you considered partaking in the spirit of holiday cheer and all.

However, you totally shouldn't, because it's a big fat scam that has tricked so many people, local police departments all over America are warning people not to fall for it.

This scam is nothing new. In fact, Snopes has debunked a lot of these chain-mail exchanges.

The Better Business Bureau has labeled it a "typical pyramid scheme":

"This is a typical pyramid scheme. This is on Facebook instead of the old way of using letters because social media allows it to spread a lot faster. Pyramid schemes are illegal either by mail or on social media if money or other items of value are requested with assurance of a sizable return for those who participate."