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Source: iStock / Twitter

This Woman’s Family Did a DNA Test That Sent Them All Into a Nervous Breakdown


With all the Cyber Monday talk in the air, you might have happened upon or been tempted by some on-sale DNA kits or heavily reduced 23andMe's. After all, who hasn't at the very least expressed curiosity in knowing where they came from?

Not only is it fascinating, but we've all come across an online story or two where unsuspecting individuals' results threw their whole family histories into question. 

It happened to my family years ago when a distant cousin revealed we were actually Jewish, and several of my uncles and even my mom have converted in the years since.

Something not entirely dissimilar happened to Christine (@queenozymandias) when she went home to spend a weekend with her family. She took to Twitter to recount what happened when her Italian uncle received some very unexpected DNA test results.