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Source: new taipei city police

After a Delivery Driver Totals 3 Ferraris, Crowdfunding Raises $400k for Damages


An overworked, overtired delivery driver in Taiwan fell asleep at the wheel behind a budget Mitsubishi car. It's not the sort of automobile that you'd have up on your wall as a child (unless you were a very particular kind of kid), but it was enough for Lin Chin-hsiang to help bring money home for him and his mother. That was, until Lin accidentally crashed the car into several parked Ferraris owned by a group of wealthy gearheads.

Lin works nights at a barbecue restaurant in addition to helping run his family's incense and gold paper burning store (the items are used for religious practices). The 20-year-old was forced to drop out of college to assist his mother with the store in New Taipei City. Sadly, his father passed away some years earlier and the two have been working tirelessly to make ends meet and save a little something for themselves.

After wrapping up work at the restaurant at 3:00am, he came back home to find his mother feeling sick. Problem was, she had a delivery to make to a temple for a ceremony, and the order needed to be fulfilled or they would risk losing a big client. So Lin did what any good son would do and told his mother to take it easy — he'd deliver the gold paper money and incense.

It was around 5:40am when he fell asleep at the wheel and the worst happened.