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21 Times Kids Accidentally Ruined Someone's Life


It's a known scientific fact that children do not have filters. They're also incapable of keeping secrets, telling lies, and generally having enough situational awareness to know when to not say something.

That doesn't change the fact that kids are absolutely awesome (most of the time), but it does mean they inadvertently get a lot of people in trouble.

Something that's made abundantly clear in this AskReddit thread.

1. The French Connection

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I was on a family vacation in Europe, at a train station and I was like 13. On the platform, a European man asks me, a 13-year-old lil American boy, if this is where the train to Paris will be arriving. I tell him yes. Train to Paris arrives, we get on and find our seats. Suddenly a few people show up and have the same seat numbers as us. Oops! We got on the 10:50 to southern France somewhere, we want the 10:55 to Paris. The whole family gets off the train. As it pulls away, I make eye contact with the man who asked if the train went to Paris. I hope he had a nice vacation.

- lesserantilles