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45 Hilarious Notes From Kids Struggling to Express Their Emotions



Kids aren't exactly known for being emotionally stable. Even the smallest things can set them off. And the moment they learn to write, the chances are you'll get a super passive aggressive or downright brutal note in shaky handwriting. 

1. You're alright, mom.

2. It's just camp...

3. Super Bowl is a confusing time.

4. What did they do?!

5. So much game.

6. Damn technology.

7. Brutal.

8. Calm down, Scott.

9. Oh, kids.

10. Same, kid.

11. Really appreciate it.

12. "Sing to make sure."

13. Imagine waking up to this...

14. "I think you are the best harry hero ever."

15. Who shaves cats?

16. Get out of bed, ya bum.

17. Is that a...

18. They even have a fridge.

19. Deep.


21. Seems legit.

22. Just ciding.

23. Young love.


25. It's just a plate.

26. Seems fair.

27. Payton deserves it.

28. This is adorable.

29. Lucky guy.

30. Must be a holiday or something.

31. That should cover it.

32. Nope.

33. DAMN.

34. Just collecting her dues.

35. Calm down, Annisa.

36. Gotta look out for your friends.

37. Awwwhhhh.

38. Errrr...

39. "I love her even with three legs."

40. We got us a Romeo here.

41. Good try.

42. Vilin sucks!

43. She's going to Mars.

44. This kid has moves.

45. Tooth fairy will take any opportunity to cheat you.

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