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These Kids’ Roasts of Their Parents Are Making The Whole Internet Laugh-Cry

By Pippa Raga

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s ever had a child or even been one, that kids often say the craziest, most hilarious, most profound things. As the old adage goes, the truth does come from the mouths of babes. 

Growing up, I remember a weekend my parents took me to the museum. I was excited, but also bored, even though I was seeing work by the most incredible artists at the Metropolitan Museum. I forget this part because I was so young, but I apparently pointed to a nude marble statue and said really loudly in a silent hall: "Dad! He's got a 'thing,' just like you!"

My parents were horrified but luckily everyone else in the museum shrugged and laughed it off. Whenever I hear about that instance, it always cracks me up, especially now that I'm older, because it reminds me that kids always speak their truths, no filter.

That's why this recent AskReddit about the most unintentionally hurtful thing you've heard kids say has been warming our hearts. 

Scroll down to laugh, cry, and cherish the fact that kids say the most insane things.