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Source: Pexels

People Are Sharing Their Biggest Wedding Regrets


If you're in the eye of the wedding planning storm, you might want to take a breath and see what sorts of mistakes your forebears made. We don't have to reinvent the wedding wheel every time. Lots of people have done it before, and lots of people have made the exact same errors over and over. Take advantage of their wisdom. Though it will likely be remembered as the most beautiful day of your life, and many of the problems that arise will fade away in your memory, why not avoid the classic wedding gaffes you could side-step, which are all listed in this very helpful post from AskReddit started by u/lifeisstateofmind.

For example, you will probably never use that fancy china you put in your registry.

Redditer supertinypenguin wrote, "Registering for gd china. I didn't want it. Knew we would never use it. Received every thing. Never have used it in 25 years." Commenting in agreement, billismcwillis wrote, "At this point, try just using it for mundane purposes. It's surprisingly fun to eat boring mundane things off of very expensive china. It's just sitting gathering dust, so use it for fun!"