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Source: louis rossmann | youtube

Apple's "Anti-Repair" Policy Has Even Die-Hard Fans Upset


Apple's hard stance against consumer's "right to repair" is turning a lot of people against the Cupertino-based tech giant.

I'm convinced that mobile operating systems are the new dark age religious holy wars. You either have Apple devotees or Android zealots. Sure, there are some people who can back-and-forth between operating systems or don't really care what the other person uses, but there are others who will ridicule you and curse you and your first born if you tell them you prefer Android over iOS or vice versa.

Brands play on that type of loyalty. In fact, a company's dream is that their consumer base would be so devoted to them that they wouldn't even dream of getting another product. And there are fewer companies who pull that off as well as Apple. I've known people who have rocked all different types of smartphones before they got their first iPhone. After owning one, they never go back. This could be chalked up to the fact that they make some consistently amazing products. 

However Apple has actually had a ton of "scandals" involving their devices.

Despite all of Apple's "bendy" design blunders, price gouging, antennagate, and outrage over dongle-nightmares with the newest crop of Macbooks, customers have stuck by them.

But it seems that some are drawing the line with the latest batch of iPhones, especially in the face of the company's staunch anti-repair policy stance. Why are they against people fixing their own phones? Because it loses them money.