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Source: fox

According to Science, Whiskey Could Help Alleviate Your Cold


When you're suffering from a horrible cold, the only thing you want to do is pass out and wake up when it's over. While there are many forms of medication that can do that for you, I find the easiest way to drift into unconsciousness is consuming copious amounts of alcohol. The thing is, when you're sick, most don't think imbibing a substance that's literally poison for your body is a good idea.

But if we're going by the "tried and true" methods of old-heads everywhere, they act like there's nothing a stiff shot of whiskey can't solve. About to get a bullet taken out of your arm? Pour some booze on it. Going under the knife? Drink some whiskey. Unhappy with your life and inability to get out of a rut because embracing change and going after dreams that actually mean something to you is too scary? Drink whiskey!

While it seems like an unreasonable and unhealthy coping mechanism, especially if you're using booze to mollify your pain and feelings for just about anything, it turns out the old-heads were actually on to something when they started slurping down whiskey whenever they felt cold symptoms coming on. A recent study shows there's some medical benefits to drinking cold remedy cocktails.