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A Reality Show Where Flat-Earthers Search for the Planet's Edge Could Be in the Works


There are fewer groups who get roasted more on line than the Flat Earth Society, and the latest mockery of the group has taken on the form of a petition of sorts: getting them their own reality TV show.

It’s a fact we learn from a very young age: the Earth is round. This fact has been confirmed countless times. Christopher Columbus did it before he started his colonial rampage. Heck, even Greek scholar Pythagoras suspected earth was round just from observing the way shadows are cast.

But a growing number of people have convinced themselves the Earth is flat. There are a ridiculous number of YouTube videos and blog posts loaded with conspiracy theories about “them” or “the government” covering up the fact our planet actually has an edge you could fall off.

Why an agency or secret society would do that or how they would benefit from perpetuating such a myth for so long is anyone’s guess, but it still hasn’t stopped a growing number of people from defying thousands of years of scientific research, empirical evidence, and experiences, and insisting the world is flat.