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Source: twitter

Doctor Breaks Down Why Late-Term Abortions Should Be Legal


A gynecologist posted a twitter thread about late-term abortions and it's going viral.

New York State recently passed legislature that would allow doctors to carry out late-term abortions, and it has people arguing about women's reproductive rights all over the internet.

A long-standing argument from anti-abortionists is that late-term abortions are never, ever warranted. There's a general fear a woman would just decide she didn't want to carry a gestating fetus to term, get cold feet, and just "nope" out of their whole miracle of life situation.

But Dr. Jennifer Gunter thinks that fear is rooted in some really, really stupid thinking.

She says that in every case where she has performed a late-term abortion, the women who elected the procedure has a  medical indication to do so. In case you're wondering what "indication" means in the medical field and hate context clues, it means that they were all advised by a doctor to terminate their pregnancy.

So, no, women aren't deciding to let human beings grow inside them for months and months, changing their bodies and putting their health at risk (not to mention giving up multiple vices), just to abort their child at the 11th hour.

It just doesn't happen according to Dr. Gunter.