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Source: twitter

Doctors Are Saving Lives by Writing Their Names on Their Scrub Caps


Hospitals are packed with every piece of medical equipment known to man, but it turns out a simple Sharpie pen is also responsible for saving countless lives.

It started with Dr. Rob Hackett, who can easily be spotted while walking through the corridors of his hospital — his name and role is emblazoned in large letters on his scrub cap.

He jokes that he "look[s] a little daft because not everyone is doing it" as he goes about his day. And it's easy to see why, walking around your coworkers with your name floating on top of your head is super weird looking. Name tags are lame enough, now imagine having one plastered to your forehead? That's some big-time roast-worthy behavior right there.

But Dr. Hackett's scrub-cap name tag is catching on and tons of doctors are following his lead. But it's not the some inexplicable fashion trend, like Crocs. It's because the practice is making a difference in the way their hospitals are operating in high-pressure environments.