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Source: web applications UK

Woman Formally Declines Job Offer After Abusive Interview With CEO


Job interviews can be unnerving. You're hoping to put your best foot forward and the last thing you want to do is make a bad impression. All you want is for the interviewers to like you and see you as the perfect candidate for the job.

This makes it extra painful when an interview goes poorly or an awkward vibe fills the room. The tension over an embarrassing or potentially humiliating situation in a high-stress, high-stakes environment is, like, the worst thing ever. Worse than being stuck in a room with a bunch of Rocky Horror Picture Show fans when you hate musicals (I'm speaking from personal experience here.)

But what happens when an interview making you feel like crap, not because you're under-prepared or awkward but rather because the CEO conducting it is abusive and overly critical of your work?

That's what twitter user @oliviabland said happened during her interview with Web Applications UK.