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Source: disney

Police Department Arrests Elsa for Cold Weather, Won't Let It Go


These Illinois cops have had enough of Elsa's shenanigans.

Disney created a monster when they dropped Frozen for the first time and changed the lives of children all over the world. Featuring a Disney princess who looks for every excuse to not play with her red-headed sister because she's got awesome ice powers, the movie's actually pretty lame save for the fact that it's got one of the greatest showtunes of all time.

The personal savagery and rallying against circumstance while Elsa displays, "THIS IS ME, NOW DEAL WITH IT, WORLD" is, to borrow a word from the kids on Tumblr, iconic.

But that comes at a price: kids all over the world will incessantly bombard you with requests to play "Let It Go" the second they've dipped into the Anna and Elsa well, and it's enough to make you hate the frosty-haired queen.

So much so, you start blaming her for other things in your life. Someone wearing a shimmering blue top that looks surprisingly like Elsa's cuts you off? You blame her. Water too cold in the shower? Elsa had something to do with it. Someone you're dating mentions they like Idina Menzel? It's over.

And now, these police officers have done what any person who's had it up to here with Frozen has done — they've made Elsa an enemy for life and arrested her for the ridiculously cold weather that's swept across the Midwest.