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Source: istock

You Can Name a Cockroach After Your Ex This Valentine's Day


It's Valentine's Day. It's a huge commercialized holiday that capitalizes on romance and tries to drum up money and sales on the idea of love. It's a wonderful time for anyone who's struck out all year on social dating apps and a terrible time for anyone who is bad at booking restaurant reservations ahead of time.

You can show how much you care for your loved one by getting them some chocolates and flowers but, in all honesty, that's a bit played out. Why not think outside the box by opting for one of these wonderful little V-Day gestures instead?

Like naming a cockroach after your ex.

This gift, courtesy of The Hemsley Conservation Centre is great for that special someone in your life who has an affinity for the worst in insects that this planet has to offer. Or, an ex who deserves to have a disgusting bug named after them. Or maybe you're that ex and if that's the case, well, you should get a cockroach gifted to you so you can do something about your awful character.

But yeah this is funny.