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Source: ethan lindenberger

Teenager Gets Vaccinated on 18th Birthday, Slams Anti-Vaxxing Parents in Online Post


A teenager from Ohio celebrated his birthday by going against his parents' wishes. While rebellion might seem like par the course for any celebration of adulthood, in the case of 18-year-old Ethan Lindenberger, it could've very well been a matter of life and death.

That's because his parents have bought into the hysteria surrounding an ever-growing anti-vaccination movement.

Any cursory check of your Facebook timeline will probably reveal more than a few parents who believe vaccinations cause or contribute to autism (they don't), or that they're part of some grand government conspiracy to eventually control all of our minds.

Suspicion of vaccines have existed for a very, very long time, even at the height of debilitating viruses like measles, mumps, and polio. There were ad campaigns, political cartoons, and people who basically argued for allowing these preventable diseases to cripple and kill their children.

It's mind-blowing (in a bad way) that healthcare professionals are still seeing this fear-mongering around life-saving inoculations.