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Jimmy Fallon Asked People What They'd Spend The $435 Million Powerball On And Their Responses Are Too Real


Wednesday's Powerball drawing was worth $435 million and according to the company's website, there was only one winning ticket sold at a gas station in Lafayette, Indiana. That means that one local is about to be incredibly wealthy, and we have to admit, we're pretty jealous. If I were to win that kind of money, I'd pay off my student loans and basically those of all my friends, buy a house and then... I don't know. The idea of having that kind of money is so daunting, especially for any millennial who graduated college in the middle of the recession and mortgage crisis of 2007-2009. 

Basically, we'd just be happy to have money and not negative money, you know? And then maybe take a year crossing off some big bucket list items, travel, et cetera. Even with that added to the list, my ideas are all pretty boring and straight-laced. Thankfully the internet delivered where I cannot.