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This Professional BMX'er Jumped Out Of A Plane Over Dubai And The Video Is Insane

By Mark Pygas

Nigel Sylvester is a professional BMX'er who travels the world as part of his Go! series and brings us along on his journeys. He's been to Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York City, offering viewers a unique perspective and incredible cinematography from the back of his bike. Just taking a glimpse of this guy's videos, when he's on the ground and riding like the wind, is breath-taking in of itself. The speed that he hits, and the jumps and twists and turns that he takes at that speed is enough to get you sick or weak in the knees.

Now if you thought that sounds bad, then I've got some bad news for you, this latest stunt is even worse.

Recently, he jumped out of the back of a plane (with his bike) and met Salt Bae on a trip to the breathtaking deserts of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

How many cameos did you spot? Because there's a lot. Obviously there's Salt Bae and Tinie Tempah, but you might have missed the likes of Morgan Carlson, Lawrence Jokun-Fearon, Karim, Karen Menghani, and Ola Selsjord. I know that's a lot of words that you probably can't pronounce, but it doesn't matter, because I'd be too busy screaming my head off if I was hurdling down towards the earth on a BMX bike.