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Source: facebook

Matthew McConaughey Spent His Birthday Surprising Strangers With Frozen Turkeys

By Mustafa Gatollari

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most loved actors around. He's known for being a genuinely good guy, constantly helping out communities and doing the right thing. He's also just down to earth, known for being very lax in public and attending public sporting events, like his Longhorns as they fight it out in Austin every Saturday morning.

So needless to say, Matthew McConaughey is a very proud Texan and is known to do some pretty cool things for people in his native state. 

Like when he surprised University of Texas students in November, 2016, by picking them up and ensuring they got back to their dorm rooms and cars safely as part of the school's SURE campaign. A pretty cool gesture that showed young folks what it's like to do the right thing.