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These 3-Piece Animal Rings Let You Rock Your Favorite Wildlife In Style
2 years ago

I'm not the biggest fan of jewelry. I find it kind of useless to deck yourself out in a bunch of little trinkets and stuff for seemingly no reason. Yeah, I guess it looks nice and all that, but the idea of having a bunch of superfluous stuff hanging off of me is annoying enough. I don't even like wearing too many clothes, let alone hanging a bunch of metal or leather off my body that doesn't need to be there. 

However, I'll concede that there are some people who can rock a good piece of jewelry and make it look amazing. But most of that is because the person rocking said jewelry is responsible for it being so awesome.

With these cool 3-piece animal rings, however, I don't think you need to be cool at all. Hell, you could be Jon Lovitz from The Wedding Singer and they'd still look good.

Like this sleepy little sloth just chilling on your finger. "Ayo, don't move them digits, B."

These adjustable enamel rings were designed by Mary Lou Bangkok and cost around $120 a piece. You can check out her entire collection on her site here

 There's "You gonna eat that?" Cheetah.

 And, "I don't give a Fox what you think" Fox.

 And who could forget, "Yo, is there a lion around?!" Zebra?

 "Mr. Dismembered" Flamingo is more than happy to chill out on your hand.

And just in time for the holidays, "Santa abuses us" Reindeer.

These aren't the official names of these products, in case you thought I was being entirely serious – because I wasn't.

Doesn't change the fact that they're pretty awesome, though.