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Dog Opens Up A Used Car Dealership And Is Now A Very Serious Businessman

One of the cool things about being a dog is that you never need to worry about work. You get to lay about all day and have people bring you food. All in all, being a dog sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

However, that may not be life for all dogs. Meet Mr. Griff, a very employed and very serious dog. I don't mean he is a bomb sniffing dog or a seeing eye dog. Mr. Griff is a very serious businessman, thank you very much. You can tell by the suit he is wearing. 

Who else would wear that suit besides a businessman? Only a business dog. 

Mr. Griff's very serious business.
Mr. Griff is tired after a long day at work.
Mr. Griff does not appreciate your shenanigans in this very important meeting.
About to use the corporate nap room...
Mr. Griff even has knick knacks on his desk!
Getting a massage after work.
Always nice to get out of the office for the day, right?
Ugh. How long is this presentation going to last?
Pre-coffee run.
Career goals.
Aren't office parties just the worst?
Pay day!
Pleasure doing business with you.
Sorry. I have to take this.
Business partners.

All of our dogs seem lazy by comparison now.