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26 Dogs Who Loved Every Second Of Hanging Out In Nature

There's a bar about a mile away from where I live that allows dogs. From what I understand, there is always just a pack of dogs running around in there while people grab drinks. Doesn't sound too hygienic, but it does sound really fun. 

I've been thinking about taking my dog there, but I think walking a mile there and a mile back might kill her. A mile isn't too many steps for me, but she is about the size of my foot, so it might be too many for her. I suppose I could carry her, but she sheds a lot and I don't want to walk into a bar more fur than man. 

I just bring this up because I'm really jealous of these people who are able to go on long hikes with their dogs. Hopefully my next dog will be bigger than my foot. Arm-length is the goal. 

1. Hiding in the brush.
Maya & Charlie mid hike. from dogpictures
2. Smile.
The happiest pups in the world. Hiking Tahoe National Forest 🌲🌞🍃🍂 from dogpictures
3. Are you seeing this?
Took my girl on a hike, I think she was pleased from dogpictures
4. Squirrel!
First hike with the new partner. from dogpictures
5. Whatcha got in there?
This is Apollo! He loves to hike, especially when he gets to carry his backpack. from dogpictures
6. Are you coming or not?
10 months old loves to hike. from dogpictures
7. I can't go on.
When you kid is tired on the hike ...
8. Just cooling off.
Tali on a hike from dogpictures
9. I need a drink.
Peter on a hike from dogpictures
10. Just a quick picture before your swim.
Posing after a 2 mile hike to the lake! from dogpictures
11. Pack dog.
First hike with the new backpack! Bonnie's carrying her own water and treats (and my keys) like a big girl! from dogpictures
12. Hiya.
My friend snapped this awesome picture of my Lab on our hike yesterday from dogpictures
13. I'd so much rather stay at home and watch TV.
All set for a late summer hike
14. This is the only way to travel.
My 40 lb. dog got tired on a hike so we carried him down the mountain. from dogpictures
15. What do you need? I got you.
Moogie was so happy about the hike she carried her own supplies!
16. Stay close.
Took my dogs Sam and Cinnamon on a hike through Palo Duro canyon. from dogpictures
17. This was a good day.
Took my dog on a 5 hour hike up into the mountains. I think he enjoyed himself.
18. One quick photo and then let's get back to it.
Kujo poses as we take a break from our hike.
19. Big dog. Bigger hikes.
My doggo after a big hike in the mountains from dogpictures
20. I found a stick.
My puppy on a hike with me from dogpictures
21. How'd I get up here?
Odin loved his first hike!
22. Let's never leave.
Found a cool stream on this weekend's hike today. "Oooooooohhhh, that's good"
23. Nothing like a post-hike nap.
My dog exhausted on our hike from dogpictures
24. There is beauty everywhere.
After being rescued from a life of being trapped in a kennel all day, Lizzie always takes the time to admire the view when we go on our daily hikes. We stop at this very spot every day. from dogpictures
25. That is a people bench, Charlie.
Throw back to my first my hike with Charlie. He has been my partner in crime and adventure for almost 10 years! from dogpictures
26. Time to go home.
Me and my wife went on a hike with our gsp puppy at sunset. Got an awesome picture :3 (it was her idea) from dogpictures