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These 25 Dogs Giving Hugs Are Here To Brighten Your Day

Pet owners love to hug their dogs. We all know that. But here is something you may not know. Dogs love to hug their owners, too. Sounds crazy, I know, but I have proof.

Sometimes when I pick up my dog, she'll wrap her arms around me, and if that doesn't sound like a hug, then I don't know what does. 

Here's my other piece of evidence. This entire list. That's probably the more compelling argument. 

1. Never let me go.
Mom's hug is always the warmest! from dogpictures
2. Nothing can keep us away.
Dog hug, isn't that cute?
3. It's been so long! How've you been?
Who doesn't like hugs? from dogpictures
4. Come down here. I have something for you.
My German Shepherd gives better hugs than most people. from dogpictures
5. There. There. It will all be okay.
Hugs from Lola
6. More of a nuzzle than a hug.
Good ol' dog hug from my best dog friend
7. Yes. Please.
8. Squeeze!
We rescued him a couple months ago, and he shows his gratitude through hugs. from dogpictures
9. Throw your arms around me.
My best friends 9 month old Great Dane, Archer, loves giving me hugs cuz I'm shorter than him! from dogpictures
10. The floor is lava!
Puppy hugs
11. Even babies get it.
Cute friends Hug each others
12. Almost a bear hug.
big hug from my friend's Great Dane :) from dogpictures
13. Welcome home!
My dogs hugs are the best! from dogpictures
14. Proud of you.
Sometimes you just gotta hug it out from dogpictures
15. Hey! I want something.
My dog gives me a no eye contact hug when she thinks I've forgotten to feed her from dogpictures
16. Are you two going to kiss or not?
Hugs from dogpictures
17. Society cannot keep us apart.
a cat hug a dog there are friends from dogpictures
18. Come here, you.
Daddy! Daddy! I Need a BEAR HUG! from aww
19. He knows what's up.
We taught our rescue Lincoln the command "hug"... he went from isolation in the shelter to giving hugs on command. from aww
20. He's almost too big. Almost.
Meet Heisenberg. He likes hugs. I'm a 6'1" 300lbs man. He's almost as big. from aww
21. This is love.
Having a hug with my BFF
22. An apt description.
We visited the humane society today. The description for this one said, "loves to give hugs". from aww
23. Surprise! I love you!
That SUDDEN adorable hug from aww
24. Aww.
Happiest Hug from aww
25. They seem to like each other.
Mom told him to hug the doggy. He obliged. from aww